Principles Of A Healthy Diet

Principles Of A Healthy Diet

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Balanced Diet

In this video you’ll learn about the variety of food groups to help maintain a healthy body! https://www.napavalleyonline.com

How The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain

When it comes to what you bite, chew and swallow, your choices have a direct and long-lasting effect on the most powerful organ in your body: your brain. So whichContinue readingHow The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain

Human Nutrition The Digestive System

A review of digestion-updated to be more specific to the leaving cert biology course. https://www.napavalleyonline.com



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  One of the first steps to finding what’s right for you is to figure out where you are right now. If you are sedentary, then your dietary plan shouldContinue readingDirectory Wssistercities

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