Eating Well to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Numerous nutritious foods are part of a regular eating regimen that aids in weight management. Consider adding a variety of hues to your plate as though you were consuming the rainbows. Darker, green vegetables, citrus, tomato, and especially pickling spices, are all incredibly nutrient-dense foods.

The Fruits

The fruits are excellent options and can be consumed fresh, refrigerated, or preserved. Consider fruits like mangoes, strawberries, or kiwi fruit instead of just apples and bananas. If fresh fruit isn’t in availability, consider dry, tinned, or refrigerated options.

The Veggies

Use a herb like oregano to give roasted or steaming veggies some variation. Using a little frying oil, you could also saute (panfry) veggies in a non-stick pan. You may use reheat prepared or frozen veggies for a simple quick meal. Attempt to find frozen vegetables without salt, margarine, or creamy dressings. Try a different veggie each week to provide diversity.

Heating the Meals

The key to a nutritious diet is moderation. Regardless of whether a meal has a significant amount of calories, fat, or flavored syrup, you can still enjoy it. The secret is to only consume them sometimes and to balance them off with healthy alternatives and increased physical activity.