Can You Really Lose Weight By Dieting?

The number of different diets is almost unlimited. Each pursues its own strategy and quite a few promise to quickly lose excess kilos. The spectrum ranges from minced meat, egg or sauerkraut diets to a wide variety of lightning diets, to name just a few. But do you actually lose extra pounds with the help of these or other diets that make the rounds of the newspapers every day?

Dieting: Can you actually lose weight?

The answer is yes. However, only if you decide on a serious diet and embed it in a long-term change in diet and eating habits. You can recognize a serious diet by different criteria. On the one hand, it should help you to correctly assess your own weight and exclude other motives, such as a distorted body and self-image.

On the other hand, sensible diets always recommend a daily calorie intake that is above the sound limit of 1,200 kilocalories. Those who eat fewer calories every day increase the risk of an undersupply of necessary nutrients. In addition, the reduced amount of calories contributes to the much-cited yo-yo effect. As a result, the scales at home often show significantly more weight sometime after a diet than before.

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Balanced diet to lose weight

A diet should be balanced. It should include a variety of different foods such as dairy products, fruit, vegetables, grains and fish. If it also leaves room for your own preferences, such as eating your personal favorite food, then that’s another plus point. With the right amount, the occasional enjoyment of high-calorie dishes is no problem.

In addition to a balanced and healthy diet, you must particularly focus on learning conscious eating habits. For example, if you use food to compensate for stress or anger, it is better to look for other solutions instead. Relaxation techniques and sufficient exercise can provide the necessary balance. The supposed appetite is then certainly quickly gone.

A balanced diet that initiates a long-term change in nutrition plan and eating habits brings you much closer to your desired weight than short-term radical diets. If you then add the right amount of sport and exercise, enough sleep and the necessary amount of leisure activities, you are well on your way to achieving your desired weight over the long term.