How Many Calories per Day Should You Consume?

You should aim to consume around as many calories each day as your daily calorie consumption. It differs greatly from one person to another as everyone has a unique metabolism, even those of the same size and gender. The chart below provides different approaches to assess yours. The estimated energy need calculation used by the Institute of Medicine in its research yielded the following recommended calorie ranges


Calorie Intake Chart

A guide chart for calorie intake. Retrived from webmd.com

These quantities are based on the Institute of Medicine’s 2002 Dietary Reference Intakes macronutrients report’s Estimated Energy Requirements (EER), which were calculated for reference-sized individuals according to gender, age, and activity level. The IOM defined “reference size” as having a BMI of 22.5 for adult males and 21.5 for adult females based on the median height and weight for children up to the age of 18 and the median height and weight for that height.

c Being moderately active is defined as leading a lifestyle that combines light daily exercise with an amount of physical activity. 

d The term “active” refers to a way of life that combines both light daily exercise and the amount of physical activity required to cover at a pace of between three and four miles per hour each day.