Is Tea Truly Vegan?

Pouring green tea into a cup


Have you switched to a vegan lifestyle or do you want to make vegan eating and lifestyle choices more often? Then it is good to double-check whether certain food products are vegan. For example, do you drink tea every day, and have you never thought about whether the tea is vegan? Luckily, there are tea-based products like Tea Burn which is a true vegan product and is proven to help you lose weight.

If you are intrigued, then read on to get an answer to the question of whether the tea is always vegan.

In essence, yes

A vegan consumes no animal products and no animal by-products. Tea is produced from the leaves of tea plants and is therefore 100% natural. In essence, tea is always vegan. In addition to black, white, and green tea that is made from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis, you also have plenty of other types of tea. These are also standard of course. You can also make tea from licorice, and rooibos and tea are flavored by other herbs. These are always natural products and therefore safe for vegans. In its pure form, tea is always vegan. Loose tea is not further processed and therefore always fits well with a vegan lifestyle.

Exceptions confirming the rule

That tea is in essence always vegan is true, but of course, it depends on how you make the tea. If you only drink tea with boiled water, then you do not have to worry as a vegan. Do you drink tea with milk, for example in the English way or a warm Chai tea? Then the tea is no longer vegan. Of course, you then have the option to opt for an alternative to cow’s milk. Chai tea, as a rule, is also made with almond milk and not with cow’s milk, something that many lactose intolerant readers have undoubtedly already heard of.


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Flavor enhancers and E-numbers

In most teas, after drying the leaves and adding the herbs, no more is added. Nevertheless, some tea brands may choose to add flavor enhancers and E-numbers for shelf life. In this way, animal (by)products can still end up in the tea. So do you want to be 100% sure that your cup of tea is vegan? Always check the ingredients list on the packaging first or opt for fresh tea.

No honey in the tea

Do you like sweet tea and do you ever use honey in the tea? With mint tea, a scoop of honey is a suitable flavor enhancer. Yet you can no longer classify the tea as a vegan. Honey is a by-product of bees and cannot be consumed by vegans. Do you want a nice sweet cup of tea? Then replace honey with sugar, agave syrup, or an alternative sugar.

It seems so obvious that tea is vegan. In essence, it is, but as a vegan, you still have to take into account several small points of attention. Drink the tea with boiling water or an alternative to cow’s milk, pay attention to any e-numbers and flavor enhancers at popular tea brands, and use natural sugar instead of honey. The best way to make sure your tea is 100% vegan is to buy loose tea and buy tea at health food stores. It doesn’t come so close to tea, but still, as a vegan, it can be an important point to be sure that the tea is 100% natural.