How a Red Meat-Filled Diet Can Cause Body Odor

Red Meat


Deer steak from the oven, carpaccio of beef, steak tartare, or pork tenderloin; lovers of red meat could indulge themselves again during the holidays. Many people eat more red meat than usual during Christmas or on New Year’s Eve. Maybe after all that meat-eating, you notice that your body odor has changed which calls for you to use a perfume with a fine scent such as the Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Indeed, eating a lot of red meat causes a musty smell.

How does a body odor arise?

A body odor is not only caused by sweat. Genes and germs play a role, but foods in your diet also determine your body odor. Some foods contain strong components. The body excretes them through your breath, your sweat, and your urine. After a meal with a lot of garlic, you know that you are going to definitely ‘smell’. The sulfurous components of garlic provide that typical garlic smell.

Eating red meat also creates ‘smells’

The proteins in red meat are more difficult to process than other kinds of meat. As a result, the red meat stays in our intestines for a longer period of time. This causes intestinal gases, and constipation and therefore causes an unpleasant body odor. Do you eat a piece of red meat every now and then? Then you do not have to worry. The typical smell is especially manifested when someone eats red meat every day for a couple of weeks straight. Red meat does not only come from beef. Pork, sheep, and goat meat also fall under the category of ‘red meat.’


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Vegetarian men smell better

A body odor can tell us a lot about the person in question. In 2013, a Czech research team showed that women found the sweat of men on a vegetarian diet to smell better than men who ate a lot of red meat. But in general, we mask our body odor with deodorant or perfume. No one wants to smell like sweat.

Here are some tips you can do against nasty body odors:

  • Antiperspirant does not work against body odor, only against excessive sweating
  • Wear cotton, not polyester. Cotton is beneficial for bacteria that do not cause a stench and unfavorable for the stench-causing agents.
  • Run your washing machine occasionally a cooking program or a maintenance wash to kill remaining bacteria.
  • Try not to worry about body odor: it is rarely noticed by others.