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The city of Napa currently has "sister city" relationships with towns in other countries. Delegations of citizens and local leaders travel back and forth between the communities, and students visit and study in each other's towns. It's a great goodwill activity that benefits all with increased international understanding and interaction.

If you'd like to actively participate in one of these sister city relationships, contact the person indicated for each city.

Iwanuma, Japan Telavi, Georgia
Launceston, Australia  

Napa - Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Napa Contact: Dr. Charles Ray -

Iwanuma, a city of about 30,000, has been a Sister City of Napa since February, 1973. It is located about 200 miles north-east of Tokyo near the largest city in northern Japan, Sendai. The Shinkansen (bullet train) gives the area a high speed link with Tokyo. Iwanuma is also the home of Sendai International Airport with frequent service to many Japanese cities and to Korea.

Highly industrialized with paper, automobile tires and other manufacturing, it still has a significant agricultural base of rice and other vegetables. Because of the significant industrial base, Iwanuma schools have above-average financial support.

The city is governed by a mayor and city council who are elected by the people. About 30 people serve on the council.

In the heart of the city is the Takakoma Jinga, a Shinto Shrine which receives visitors in significant number. Visitors to Iwanuma are usually awakened by the chimes from the Shrine at 6:00 a.m. and a bit later, to the beating of drums.

For visitors, there is a modern hotel in mid-town as well as a resort hotel (The Green-pia) in the country-side.

In February 1997, our friends in Iwanuma will be sending a delegation to Napa to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sister city relationship. The group will arrive in Napa on 14 February and be here for 2 nights. They will stay in host homes while here and during the days will be fully occupied with organized tours of our area. Organizers of the visit are seeking some additional host homes. Contact Dr. Charles Ray in Napa if you'd like to help.

No Web or email links in Iwanuma yet.

Napa - Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Napa Contacts: Jim Ford at 255.5920 or Jerry Medlin -

Napa - Telavi, Georgia

Telavi is a beautiful city of about 25,000 people nestled in the wine country of the Republic of Georgia. It is located in the eastern part of the country, three hours drive from the capital city of Tbilisi. From its vantage point, one looks over the Alazani River, wending through the scenic Kakheti Valley. The snow-capped Caucasus mountain range provides a spectacular backdrop to this ancient city.

The Napa Valley - Telavi Sister City Project was created in 1987 in order to promote contact between the premium wine-growing communities of the United States and, what was then, the Soviet Union. Despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union, friendships that have developed over the years persist and the project continues.

Activities have included participation in official Sister City conferences, visiting tourist delegations, organized medical relief efforts, youth exchange, pen-pals, and a number of private entreprenurial connections.

Telavi's long history of wine country hospitality makes participation in the Napa Valley - Telavi Sister City Project a most rewarding experience.

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